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HP omnibook xe3 bios password help

By max_gee ยท 287 replies
Jun 28, 2007
  1. bluehunt

    bluehunt TS Rookie

    i have a compaq nx9010 with hash code 02801.
    please help me.
    thank you very much
  2. bundybear

    bundybear TS Rookie

    champ is your man guys - got my xe3 back up and running.

    cheers again :wave:
  3. Urusergi

    Urusergi TS Rookie

    I send you a email, please help me

    Thanks in advance
  4. champ

    champ Banned

    no problem thanks god

    no problem thanks god
  5. Urusergi

    Urusergi TS Rookie

    Ohhh! thank you very much!!!

    It worked perfectly! but I had to press F12 in password menu. If press only F2 the password not work

    Thanks again! I'm very happy :grinthumb
  6. ismana

    ismana TS Rookie

    Omnibook XE3

    I also have an old HP Omnibook XE3 with the BIOS password set.
    The hash code is 12885.
  7. champ

    champ Banned

    you see iam a champ:D
  8. champ

    champ Banned

    this is the code s4n9llm after the 9 two littel L,s
    and thats it
  9. champ

    champ Banned


    this is the code kl0wktn
  10. champ

    champ Banned

    here you have the password umicmk0 the last one is an zero
  11. champ

    champ Banned


    but when you hit f2 he ask for the password or not maybey the keybord is not ok
    use a normal keybord and try it again
  12. champ

    champ Banned

    spv try this

    but when you hit f2 he ask for the password or not maybey the keybord is not ok
  13. knorrie

    knorrie TS Rookie

    Just wanted to publicly thank champ for e-mailing me the password for my Omnibook 6100 (see post a few days ago). Like for some others on here, it didn't accept the password right away, in fact I had to enter it *seven* times, although I didn't always try the F12 after the F2 trick. After the 3rd reboot (when the laptop switches off after 3 unsuccessful password tries) the password was accepted!

    So once again many thanks to our local hero champ!

  14. jrzhang

    jrzhang TS Rookie

    Champ, Would you help me, please, please?

    Hi, Champ, I was locked by the password for four years..
    My notebook is HP omnibook 4150. Hash ID is 12461.

    Thank a lot in advance !!!!
  15. champ

    champ Banned

    shure jrzhang

    the code is rxhvrnb but when you start the laptop hit direct f2 and he ask for the
    pass and then you give him this pass and you are happy:)

    and when guys have a problem email me the hash code

    email removed
    its my hobby to help
  16. rollman02

    rollman02 TS Rookie

    Hi remzibi. I have an HP Pavillion with a hash code of 06398. Please let me know what you need so that I can get the master code.

  17. champ

    champ Banned

    rollman02 this is the code v7mes2t
    regarts champ
  18. mnsparky

    mnsparky TS Rookie

    need help

    Calling on champ to help me with my hp nx9010 hash is [ 07415]
    Don't know if first space is important ..
  19. wkbxe3

    wkbxe3 TS Rookie

    Champ can you help us; our HP Omnibook XE3 hash code is 03412 that's a zero.

    I was thinking I was going to have to buy my wife a new laptop that we can't afford until I seen you here...Hope you can help!

    Stupid me, I thought I cleared the user pw but now we can't get in as it's still asking for a pw.
  20. sampage

    sampage TS Rookie

    HI, can anyone help me for my HP Omnibook XE3 with System Hash Code 03683 ?? I have forgotten the BIOS password. Thanks a lot.
  21. jrzhang

    jrzhang TS Rookie

    Thank you Champ !

    Splendid ! Champ, the password you give me works !
    Thanks again !
  22. stevad

    stevad TS Rookie

    Locked bios

    I have HP Omnibook 4150. Hashcode is 09019. Please, help me.
  23. freezed

    freezed TS Rookie

    Master bios password request

    Dear champ you are requested to kindly provide me the master bios password of my omnibook xe3 whose hashcode is 06218

    Thanking you in anticipation.
  24. freezed

    freezed TS Rookie

    A Few Words Of Gratitude


    tHANK yOU oNCE aGAIN....
  25. need_help_19

    need_help_19 TS Rookie

    I need help too. I have an Omnibook xe3

    My hash code is: 01020

    Please, please, please...:wave:
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