HP Pavilion DV9010 Wireless & WebCam

By glen73540
Apr 24, 2007
  1. I Hp laptop DV9010. I had to use the restore disks that came with it and had this wierd program FBI GUI running in the background and the computer would restart time and time again... I disabled the "restart on system failure" to no avail. I restored the computer 3 more times with the same results. So after 3 hours chatting online with a tech obviously using a script to answer my questions they sent me another set of restore disks and... the same thing happens. So now I have installed XP Pro and I cannot get the webcam to work and my built in wireless internet will not work. If someone could please give me the links to the correct drivers to make these two items work, I would be soooo grateful. I am S I C K of looking at HP's website! Many Thanks!
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    you did not mention the make or model of your webcam.
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    Thanks for the info and the replies - I really appreciate it! Tedster, I would really like to hear your story of Iraq! Anywho... I contacted HP adn FINALLY got someone that spoke English enough to send me a box so I can ship the dang thing off to them to fix it under warranty. Too many glitches for being so new!

    Thanks again for all of the help!
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