HP Power Jack Problem. Need it Fixed? Read on.

By carl97
Jul 4, 2006
  1. Do you have a HP Laptop or simular with the Loose Powerjack ?
    in many of the HP laptops there is an issue with week solder joints, main problem one is the power jack on the motherboard. If you hold the power connector to the left or right and it powers up then thats the problem. There may be a Boot problem to windows, thats mostly due to the machine switching off at !wrong times, in this case you need a Format and reinstall of Windows.

    Heres the Deal!. If it is the Power jack problem or and Installation, (No other problems!) You live in UK (If you are outside the UK and willing to pay all postage), I will repair the Solder Joint and reinforce the Jack with Epoxy Bond for £80-£100 Depending on Complexity (usually 2 Hours Labour and £80)

    The whole Laptop needs to be stripped to the barebones to remove the motherboard, hence the cost and why no shop or HP will want to do the work, they rather you bought a new Laptop!

    You pay Postage to me and i Pay Return postage to you. The system usually posts back within 2-7 Days depending on Post office and workload.
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