HP Slate vs iPad document leaks, reveals more specs

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Matthew DeCarlo

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Engadget has scored an internal HP document that reveals and otherwise confirms most of the Slate's specifications. Presumably intended for employee eyes only, the slide shows a side-by-side comparison of the Slate and iPad, complete with major pros and cons highlighted.

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But the cheapest one is a 16GB, the HP has 32GB so it is $50 less than the 32GB Ipad Apple is selling.


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Also if HP would have also released a 16GB I think it would have been $50 less than the Ipad


A brand new tablet with a wireless b/g in? WHY???????

I will not buy anything that does not have wireless n because a single "g" client on my 2.4GHz "n" network will degrade the performance of all clients to "g" speeds. Upgrading to a mixed 2.4/5GHz network is too much for what I need it.


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Guest - Wireless 'N' should be demanded for Slate. I can't believe that HP would let that one slide. That alone is the one major hesitation point. But perhaps an Mvix Nubbin can make up for that downfall? http://www.mvixusa.com/product/nubbin

So Slate wins at:
Web Browsing (with Adobe Flash and Air support)
Price at 32 GB
GPU / Graphics
...and I'd argue the OS is superior as well.

Loses in:
Battery life
WiFi support
Display size

If a Nubbin can work in Slate and fix the 802.11n issue, I don't see many reasons to favor the iPad.

IMO: HP Slate, plus HDTV Media Dock FTW!
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