HP Touchscreen Laptop Screen Cracked - Replacement?

By ZeeSalahuddin
Jan 22, 2016
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  1. Hi everyone. I have an HP laptop, Product name: HP ENVY x360 m6 Convertible, Product number: M1V60UAR#ABA.

    The Problem
    I cracked the screen in the top right. There is a web up there now, just outside the actual workspace, in the half inch or so black border. A few cracks extend out into the screen, one loops off to the right and the other goes all the way down the center. The screen still works great and aside from the cosmetic crack, nothing else seems to be wrong. The crack is very thin and looking straight at the screen it is almost invisible. It is much more pronounced when you view the screen from an angle.

    The touchscreen started acting up a little, but I am not the biggest fan of a touchscreen on a laptop so I disabled it, and I am really quite fine with it.

    The problem is the cosmetic crack. I know I can use it for as long as it lasts and does not spread too much, since the screen works great. However, over time this will deteriorate, spread and eventually become a problem.

    The laptop was refurbished so no warranty. I am also told that accidental damage is not covered in a warranty so I am not sure what good that would have done any way. I did take it to two computer repair shops and I was told that this model is fairly new, and they do not have access to replacement screens. They said they would get in touch with me if they found anything.

    I also tried the website ScreenTek, which sells replacement screens. However, they do not have the m6 series listed at all. I tried contacting their customer support, but to no avail. They have yet to respond to my email a week later.

    I would like to replace the screen sooner than later. I don't care if the touchscreen works or not. If it does, great, if not, it is not a loss to me. I am hoping you can point me in the right direction. Are there other websites, resources that would sell replacement screens? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Not sure if you have found a replacement screen but you can take a look at this site LaptopScreen.com
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    1. Google found:
      Use acetone to clean the cracked area and then carefully fill in the crack with super glue. Apply layers while allowing enough time for the previous layer to dry completely. A few light layers is usually always better than one gigantic layer. These tips offer temporary solutions to deal with a cracked glass problem.
      Cracked Window Treatments Tips | Redbeacon

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