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HTC announces the Exodus 1s, their second blockchain phone

By mongeese · 10 replies
May 12, 2019
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  1. Very quickly, HTC realized that the price and purchasing requirements were simply too restrictive, and they made it available to purchase for $699. At that price, the phone could stand by itself, but through better software support the blockchain aspects gained an appeal as well. Other than using it to play CryptoKitties (an interesting game, actually) Zion lets users store the keys required to access cryptocurrencies, supporting bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more.

    Zion is a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that stores and manipulates keys separately from the operating system so that no malware or bad agents can access the keys. The benefits of having the cryptocurrencies on the Exodus is that it’s always mobile, so you can take them with you and protect them personally. There’s also the ability for users to access lost keys by sending parts to a handful of select friends, so that their combined codes unlock the key.

    HTC is also making an SDK for Zion available on GitHub. This makes it drastically easier for developers to support Zion storage and execution in their apps, enabling blockchain powered messaging, searching and social media to land in the app store. “We understand it takes a community to ensure strength and security,” HTC says, “so it’s important to the Exodus team that our community has the best tools available to them.”

    All that leads us to the Exodus 1s: the next step. The Exodus 1s will come in at a much lower $250-$300 price point so that it's accessible, while introducing new features, too. Key is the ability to use it as a node in a blockchain network, a full ledger of everything that has happened in the blockchain ever. Bitcoin, HTC emphasizes, has just 9,500 active nodes and needs more to sustain its decentralized nature. While typical Bitcoin nodes require 200 GB of storage growing at 60 GB per year (hence a microSD slot) the Exodus 1s will support a “pruned version” that’s just 10 GB and contains the essential information.

    “We are democratizing access to the technology for a free world. Full nodes are the most important ingredient in the resilience of the Bitcoin network, and we have lowered the barrier to entry for any person to run a node, which is simply a computer, mobile in our case, participating in a global Bitcoin network that propagates transactions and blocks everywhere, which is the foundation and fundamental definition of a peer-to-peer cash system.”

    Blockchain mining may not be available by the late Q3 launch, but it’s in the works. HTC’s Phil Chen says that they have “partners to announce that will offer hash rates to do so." While both acting as a node and mining will induce abnormal strain on the phone’s battery, processing, and network, the benefits are there. It’s full control and understanding over the network, meaning there’s nothing that you can’t do from the Exodus 1s. And it also enables a future decentralized system of mobile apps that are far more secure and private than current apps.

    Most of the Exodus 1s’s features will arrive on the big Exodus via an update, too. While no one is suggesting that a lone phone maker falling out of the news and into the history book will be enough to properly integrate blockchain into the mobile world, the growth of the Exodus and the promises of the 1s are exciting and innovative. They’re certainly something to watch.

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  2. Hardware Geek

    Hardware Geek TS Enthusiast Posts: 55   +31

    This is intriguing to me. I would be interested in a phone that could actually profit of mining. As long as you earn more than the energy to mine costs, that's would be really cool. I'm sure you wouldn't make much, but while your phone is charging overnight while you're sleeping, why not?
  3. QuantumPhysics

    QuantumPhysics TS Evangelist Posts: 1,163   +847

    "Costing a whopping $950 and only available for purchase via Bitcoin or Ethereum"

    During the rise of Bitcoin to $19,000 there were more and more businesses willing to sellproducts for bitcoin only - and that's because they wanted your bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin was unstable and there was a belief that it would rise astronomically - until it didn't.
  4. Jules Mark

    Jules Mark TS Enthusiast Posts: 53   +16

    Wait, crypto still alive?
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  5. QuantumPhysics

    QuantumPhysics TS Evangelist Posts: 1,163   +847

    #1 there are those who got in early and will never sell their positions.

    #2 There are those that got in late and will never sell their positions - even if they've lost money.

    #3 There are those who "think" Bitcoin will make a massive comeback and are getting in now.
    ForgottenLegion and psycros like this.
  6. Fearghast

    Fearghast TS Addict Posts: 121   +79

    Exodus ... I wonder when HTC will release Exitus.
    ForgottenLegion likes this.
  7. onestepforward

    onestepforward TS Booster Posts: 107   +42

    They probably got beaten by the Samsung Galaxy Fold :)
  8. onestepforward

    onestepforward TS Booster Posts: 107   +42

    I saw a headline a couple of days ago indicating Bitcoin was back to $6,000.
    Hardware Geek likes this.
  9. Hardware Geek

    Hardware Geek TS Enthusiast Posts: 55   +31

    Bitcoin is so volatile it's definitely not something I'd plan to hold long term. It wasn't long ago it was below 5k, then it bounces to 6k within a week or so. Play it right and there is definitely money to be made but I don't expect it to be a viable long term investment.
    onestepforward likes this.
  10. NightAntilli

    NightAntilli TS Maniac Posts: 298   +219

    Until you realize that 10 years ago it was less than a cent... Then it seems like quite a good investment.

    Bitcoin WILL reach higher highs. It's only a matter of when, and it's definitely within 5 years, most likely within 3 years. Market cycles are what they are, and simply because Bitcoin entered a bear market doesn't mean it's going to zero.

    The blockchain isn't going anywhere bro. Thinking crypto is going to die is like thinking in the early 90s that the internet is going to die.
  11. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,800   +1,510

    Technologyreview says:

    Should you buy one? If you are curious about crypto and can afford one, it might be a nice way to test the waters. If you are already into crypto, you probably already have a wallet you trust, and this first generation of phones may not offer you much extra. A Wired review of the Exodus 1 called it a “smartphone with a cryptocurrency side gig.” That’s about as much of a “blockchain phone” as can be expected at this point.

    Indeed, even if these phones take off, the decentralized web will still be mostly a dream. Construction of its foundational infrastructure is in the beginning stages. Perhaps an influx of new users would spawn compelling new applications, which might in turn inspire the development of new infrastructure. But the best the first round of blockchain phones can do is give us a glimpse at a potential future that’s still a long way off

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