HTC One delayed until late March, early April for select markets

Shawn Knight

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It looks as though the HTC One will miss its original launch date in the US and abroad. The handset was scheduled to arrive on March 15 but is now being pushed back to late March for certain markets and...

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Unless the Galaxy s4 is aluminum, HTC one will slap the S4 upside down.
The interesting thing is the phone is not entirely aluminum, the back panel specifically is made of polycarbonate as Nokia phones. See more on this here:

Yeah I admit, this pretty handy.

However, from reviews it seem battery life is horrible.
This is evident from using 1080p in combination of a high speed CPU. Here there is a hint on that I guess most folks would dim the screen and not enjoy it.


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As much as I want to try a samsung device, I'm a huge fan of HTC and I love my Inspire. I might have to go with HTC when I get a new phone just to make sure I do the only thing I can to keep HTC in business. I do wish these ONE X phones had dual LED flash. Its sad that I use my torch app that much that dual LED flash is a significant consideration in keeping my current phone. I can't help it. Its just the way I are.