Huawei allegedly building Nexus 7 successor


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The second-generation Nexus 7, released in 2013, is one of the most popular Android tablets of all time. Built by Asus, the 7-inch tablet was reasonably powerful at the time, and, perhaps most importantly, its $230 launch price made it very affordable.

A new rumor from known leaker Evan Blass suggests that a successor to the Nexus 7 may be on its way. This new 7-inch Google tablet will be built by Huawei, who also co-designed the 5.7-inch Nexus 6P smartphone, and will launch with 4 GB of RAM. Blass says the tablet is "on track for release before the end of the year".

News of a new 7-inch tablet from Huawei fits with a trademark that was filed back in April for a "Huawei 7P". Google's Nexus products haven't historically included the manufacturer in the product name – it's simply the "Nexus 6P", not the Huawei Nexus 6P – but the trademark has perhaps given an indication of what Huawei has been working on throughout this year.

Of course it's unlikely that any successor to the Nexus 7 would actually be branded as 'Nexus'. Google is reportedly phasing out the Nexus brand in favor of 'Pixel' for their upcoming HTC-made smartphones, due to changes in the software experience that will make these phones more than just stock Android showcases. We expect a similar branding choice for this Huawei-made 7-inch tablet.

Since the popular second-gen Nexus 7 was launched more than three years ago, Google's tablet line-up has been somewhat uninspiring. The Nexus 9 was a powerful piece of hardware, but quickly fell out of love with consumers, while the Pixel C's keyboard dock (the main selling point) didn't work well with Android at the time. Huawei tends to make respectable Android hardware, so this upcoming tablet could be a return to form for Google.

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People can bad mouth Huawei all they want. I'm sold on them.
On a lark, I bought a Huawei Ascend Mate2 in 2010, while waiting for the leprechaun invite
for the OnePlus One (at that time, no one knew how awful that company was going to be).
Of course, about 3 days after I ordered it, the invite came, which I ordered. The mate2 showed up.
After a week, the OnePlus showed up, but, by that time I had already been hooked on the Mate2's
larger screen & battery (coming from a Samsung Galaxy Note1). I played around with the OnePlus
phone, then boxed it up and sold it. The Mate2 was FLAWLESS for over 2 years. With the Mate9
coming in a couple months, the Mate8 has been discounted to a "nominal" rate. Got it over a week
ago and it's just as flawless as the Mate2. I don't root or anything, 100% stock.
I don't see the "need" to spend upwards of almost 900 bucks for a phone. If that's YOUR game,
hey, not my money.