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Hunting Laptop for around $1500

By KrazyKevin
Feb 23, 2003
  1. Hey guys/gals. Help me locate a good notebook for around $1500. Has to be atleast: P4 2.4, 256mem, 40gb hd, combo drive and a 15" tft svga display. Should I stay with the big guys like dell, hp/compaq, sony, etc, or should I go with a smaller company like THis is the first go around with notebooks so I need a little help. Any help is gladly appreciated.

  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

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    I'm selling a Sony Viao with a P4 1.6GHz CPU, 512mb memory, 15" screen and a 40gb hard disk for about $1200. PM me if you are interested or want to know more. It's a friend's so I don't have the specs handy for right now.. I know that it has been hardly used and I plan on giving it a fresh format with Windows XP, optimize it etc.. before I sell it. Includes Norton System works 2003, Office XP Pro, Windows XP Pro and some other goodies.

    [/Shameless plug]

    As far as brands go, they are basically the same. Some have better reputations than others, but the parts used in these laptops all look alike after awhile. The only difference brands really make are how it looks and the software bundle.
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