HYbrid Hard Drive setup

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Hello everyone. Im building a pc and I was told that a hybrid hard drive configuration is the way to go. I was told to use SCSI hardrives for my boot and programs and a non SCSI hardrive for file storage. Can someone tell me if this configuration makes sense as far as performance is concern. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this configuration?


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To be honest, SCSI isn't worth the expense or effort unless you are a major computer enthuiast that likes to dabble a lot.

As far as speed goes, the 10,000RPM Western Digital SATA (not SCSI and not UDMA) outperform the majority of SCSI and all consumer drives by a wide margin.

So maybe you should consider going SATA, since this is the future of consumer computing. SCSI is a dated standard, although well respected. And is used for servers and business environments where cost doesn't matter.
Rick, thanks for your response. The computer will be used for home music production and gaming purposes and using up to date hardware without going over my budget of $3000.

Per Hansson

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Then the harddrive Rick suggested would be an optimal choice...

If you want more storage you could also buy a "slower" 7200rpm harddrive very cheap to store data where speed is less important....
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