I Can't Believe, "Amazon Customer Service", Just Hung Up on Me Again :rolleyes:


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Well, the scammers are out in force again. I received to phone calls in rapis succession that, "there is a &799.00 dollar suspicious charge on your Amazon from Dayton, Ohio.

OK, so I ignored the first call, but the second was too irritating for me to ignore, so, I "pressed one", to speak to an "Amazon representative". I immediately got an "agent", with a heavy Indian or Pakistani English accent. I asked, "is this Amazon India or Packistan"? After which I explained that I already. had a computer terminal open to my Amazon account, and that I had Amazon's real customer service numbe in my phone book, right in front of me. To which I added, if you keep f*cking with me, I going to call the phone company about you. Next, no response other than.....a busy signal.

OK, if it's not some, "Nigerian prince asking for money to restore himself to his throne", it's always a scam coming out of India.Hell, one time I caught them running an AV scam which was running out of Google's back door. (The were renting a website directly from Google).

At the risk of perpetrating "hate speech", it always seems the Indian business culture finds this an acceptable form of "doing business", and it seems like a racial phenomenon to me. But then, take into account I'm a grouchy old fart raised with some racial preconceptions.

Any thoughts?


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I had an issue with Amazon's bullying tactics of continually trying to trick people into signing up for Prime. Long chat with one of their people who I quickly realised that although sympathetic, couldn't do anything to help. I changed course in mid conversation and we had a friendly chat about Hinduism. I felt so much better afterwards.

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