I can't connect to the internet... please help

By woodsrevenge
Jan 7, 2009
  1. I have an hp a1129n and since having to do a system restore and removing my wireless pci adapter I cant even connect to the internet using an ethernet cord. In my device manager the only network adapter listed is a 1394 net adapter, Is there supposed to be another one? I seem to have tried everything and cant get it....
  2. kipale

    kipale TS Rookie Posts: 17

    Well you could reinstall your wireless adapter. One device in the list is ok if you only have one device in your computer. Now this might have a ton of explanations since it's not just the system restore, but you haven't ever used the non-wireless ethernet card before. So we can assume it probably wasn't working before the system restore either. If this is the case, then it comes down to firewalls, routers and basic networking. If you plug one end of etherned cord on the computer and another on your router/modem, then you in most cases should have a connection of some kind. Check the status of your connection (there's usually a little icon on your systemtray). If it says you are connected, but you can't go to internet, then you try shut down your firewall, configure your router etc.
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