I can't connect to the internet via cable

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I'm desperate because since yesterday I suddenly cannot connect my laptop to the internet via cable - have no idea what might cause the problem! I have not installed any new programs, etc; just get the message "limited or no connectivity" even though I connect with the same cable to the other computer no problem. renewing my IP by clicking "repair" does not work either, it just says "windows could not renew your IP address" what can I do???


Here are some quick and easy tips to help solve your problem. First thing to do is reset everything. This includes your modem, router (if you have one) and your computer. First turn on your modem and allow it to boot up. Then if you have a router allow plug that in and allow that to boot. Then finally turn on your computer. You should now have internet connection. If that does not work then power everything down and connect your computer directly to your modem. Again resetting everything. If at this time you still do not have internet connection, go into your command line and type:

ipconfig /release
then type
ipconfig /renew

Turn off your computer and turn it back on...You should now have an internet connection....if you do just reapply your cables to your computer, router and cable modem as you originally had themconfigured. If you are still having problems and you could have checked this first...make sure your cables are still intact and not damaged.


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You should give us a bit more details about how you're connecting to the internet. just saynd cable doesn't help.
If you don't have an router and what discgolfmiked doesn't help then try calling you're provider to see if they can help from their end.
From my experience things like this tend to fix themselves after a while but it could be from under 24h to a few(or more) days.
If you have a router then try connecting directly from your modem first to see if it works that way. If it does then the router's your problem and a reset+reconfigure should help. If not then buy a new router (or at least try another one to see if it works).

If nothing helps then go play on your neighbors computer till you fix your problem.
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