I can't get burned Blu-Ray disc to rewind or fast forward

By Myson
Sep 12, 2015
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  1. Recently, I torrented three Blu-ray files to my computer (legally) from the same source and am having trouble rewinding or fast forwarding with 2 of them. Disc 1 will only rewind or fast forward up to 30 minutes, after that, it ends the movie. Disc 2 has no issues. Disc 3 will not rewind or fast forward at all, and will end the movie as well.

    I burned these files by downloading them to my computer, ad dragging the files over to the disc. The file is there, it plays fine, but I simply cannot get 2 of them to fast forward and rewind, which is a real problem viewing them. I burned them to Memorex BD-R discs, using LG Blu-Ray writer from Best Buy, and a playing them on Sony wireless Blue-Ray player (I don't believe the player is the real issue). Can ANYONE help me get this to work?

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