I can't open the Realtek HD Audio Control Panel

By wickian · 4 replies
Oct 11, 2007
  1. Alright, my mic has been so quiet you wouldn't know it works for a long time now. I've been to dozens of forums and done everything I can possibly think of(including several driven reinstalls) and nothing worked.

    I think I have finally found the problem though. I just found a screen shot instruction on what to do, and I realized that even though I have the exact same driver and version as everyone else I have a different audio manager showing up and therefore can't fix the problem. Here's a link to a screen shot of what I got;


    Obviously something is wrong. So I looked in the program files and found that when I try to load the RTHDCPL(Realtek HD Audio Control Panel) icon, nothing happens.

    Anyone have any idea whats going on?
  2. Rik

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    Without knowing what mobo you have and what windows version you are using it's impossible to answer your question.
  3. wickian

    wickian TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Here's a link to my comp specs, and I'm using windows xp.

  4. Rik

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    The link doesnt work.
  5. wickian

    wickian TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Lemme just copy/past the specs here. I don't see the motherboard on this list, but I think this is what I have 915GV Motherboard. Sorry if I'm not listing the right info, I'm computer-hardware illiterate.

    gateway 702GE

    Processor Brand: Intel® Pentium® 4 with Hyper-Threading Technology
    Speed: 3.2 GHz

    System Bus 800 MHz

    Cache Memory 1 MB on die Level 2

    System Memory (RAM) 1.0 GB
    Expandable to 2.0 GB

    Type of Memory (RAM) PC3200 DDR SDRAM

    Hard Drive Type: Serial ATA
    Size: 250.0 GB

    Graphics Intel GMA900 onboard graphics

    MPEG Yes

    Audio Intel high-definition

    Speakers External amplified stereo speakers

    Modem 56 Kbps* ITU V.92-ready PCI internal fax modem

    *Capable of receiving 56 Kbps downloads. However, current regulations limit download speed to 53 Kbps.

    Network Integrated Gigabit Ethernet

    Optical Drive Double layer 16X/16X/4X DVD+/-RW drive

    Removable Storage 8-in-1 digital media manager (media card reader)
    Expansion Bays

    * External 3.5-inch bays: 2 (one used for media card reader)
    * Internal 3.5-inch bays: 3 (one used for hard drive)
    * External 5.25-inch bays: 2 (both used for optical drives)

    Expansion Slots

    * PCI-E x16: 1
    * PCI-E x1: 1
    * PCI: 3

    Input/Output Ports

    * 7 USB 2.0 ports; one front in media card reader, six on rear of computer
    * 1 10/100 Ethernet
    * 1 Parallel port
    * 3 IEEE 1394 port; two on front, one on rear of computer
    * 1 Serial port
    * 1 PS/2 keyboard port
    * 1 PS/2 mouse port
    * 7 Audio ports; two on front, five on rear of computer
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