I cant see my advanced settings for my local area conection

By eric71 ยท 4 replies
Mar 4, 2006
  1. Ok, so I want to veiw my advanced settings in my Local Area Conections. I open my Network conection folder, than I see my 2 conections, a LAN and a dail-up(I use LAN). I right click on my LAN one and then I click the advanced tab. But istead of showing mre a laist of what ever is supposed to be there it says, " Windows cannot display the properties of this connection. The Windows Managment Instrubatation( I know its miss-spelt)(WMI) information might be corupted. To correct this use system restore to restore Windows to an earlier time(called a restore point). System restore is loocated in system tools in accesories." I know it says to system restore but I did already but that didnt do squat. Please help
  2. Nodsu

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    Delete the network interface in Device Manager and let Windows reinstall it.
  3. kirock

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    Now do a scan for spybots and viruses ASAP, before you connect to the internet!
  4. eric71

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    where can i find the device manager or network interface
  5. kirock

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    Start/Control panel/ or Start/Settings/Control panel: there's an icon which says Network Connections. Double click to open it. Now right click on your network connection and delete. Reboot and let windows reinstall it.
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