I don't know which of these boards to get

By childofthetao
Apr 30, 2012
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  1. Mainly because I don't understand the specifications. I'm building a new system, it will use a Intel 2500k processor (maybe an AMD 1100T depending on what is best for rendering in 3d software, I know I'd need an AMD board if so), but I'm at a loss as to what board to get.

    First, this system will be used to play games, but it will mainly be used for 3d rendering. It will use only one single video card and I am planning on overclocking it to the max.

    GA-Z77-D3H: The cheapest one, this was the one I was originally planning to get (I don't want to spend too much money), but I heard that in order to overclock to the fullest this board just won't cut it, so I started looking at more expensive ones.

    GA-Z77X-UD3H: I don't understand the specs, so I don't know what is actually better about this board, the only thing I assume is that it will overclock better than the D3H.

    G1-Sniper M3: Same as above.

    GA-Z77X-UD5H: Clearly the best out of the lot going by the price. I'd really rather not get this one though, it's just too much.

    Any information and advice is on these boards and the differences between them are what I'm after, as well as your own thoughts on what would be better for the system I plan on building.


    Edit: My main focus is on the Sniper and UD3H, forget the other two, ones too expensive and the others too cheap to trust. So could you tell me the differences between them. Also do you know if there are AMD versions of these boards available?
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    Thanks that a useful feature on newegg.

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