I dont receive packets

By rezava ยท 4 replies
Jun 6, 2009
  1. So.... at home before 6-7 months we found a W- connection so.... at the beginig of the month we stop recieving pakets until 6-7day of the month....is this the problame of the host of the W-connection cuz we dont know him :haha: or is the problame ours.I have a laptop my father have too and we both dont recieve pakets. Sorry for the English ich lerne Deutsch diese Jahre :haha::rolleyes:
  2. Tmagic650

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    Do you have a friend that can explain this in better English? I have no clue to what you are asking
  3. spehling

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    If I am correct, your are feeding off of some random broadcasting access point or wireless router and suddenly you no longer pass any traffic. Is this what your saying?
  4. rezava

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    yes!And in the bigining of the month i do not recieve pakets anymore!That happends in the beginign of the month until 6-7 of the month... So is the problame from me or from him!?
  5. spehling

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    there is a whole range of possibilities. #1, depending on someone elses wireless connection is not the best idea. #2, he could have enabled WEP, (could have noticed that an additional user was logging through his router and turned it off). #3, his internet could be down, the router will broadcast regardless, still giving you and IP address. Is this someone you know that allowed you to connect? #4, weak signal, do an ipconfig and ping the default gateway, example- Start - Run - cmd then press enter -type: ipconfig - look for the default gateway such as, type: ping -t allow this to ping for about a minute, then hit control C, statistics of the ping test will show up on the bottom such as packets sent and packets recv'd and total packet loss %. you also want to look at how many milliseconds/ms it took. if it is super high in the hundreds and there is larger numbers between them or dropped packets (request timed out) you may have high latency and it is not allowing you to establish a DNS. if everything appears well here then you should talk to the person who owns the wireless router/access point. Hope this helps
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