I dont understand why my post had to be deleted?

By Angeln
Mar 22, 2010
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  1. (not sure where else to post this)

    I spent hours online today searching for help. finally to come across this website, which i thought would finally help me find the answers i needed. Only to have my first post deleted. how is this helpful? I understand people are likely to post the same things a lot, which I'm sure can be frustrating to those of you who have been working with computers for years and think the answers are so obvious, or clearly laid out. But not all of us understands things the way that you do. Wouldn't it be more helpful to new users to simply post a helpful link and close the thread? or in the very least send a message saying that my post was deleted and why? or just leave it so people could reply if they wanted to. I'm sure someone helped you when you first started learning about computers. what if a grade school teacher ignored every question shes heard before? where would we be now?
    ~Ang :(
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    Angeln, your post was deleted because TechSpot no longer assists people with notebook BIOS password issues. The topic has been thoroughly covered and you can likely find a resolution to your problem by searching the board. Despite that, there are still many BIOS-related threads created here daily. If we locked them all, the board would be cluttered with garbage. For example this is just today in the Mobile Computing forum:


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