I finally figured out how Windows firewall manages to turn itself back on

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May 7, 2009
  1. fyi to all... A common networking issue i've often seen come up with XP (don't remember if same is true for Vista)..
    If you seem to have networking problems and you use a 3rd party firewall product (i.e. you don't use Windows firewall) make sure that Windows Firewall hasn't managed to turn itself back on!

    => If Windows firewall is turned on at the same time as your 3rd party firewall, Windows firewall will interfere with your network communications. You shouldn't have two firewalls running concurrent (and you might not intend to but Windows sometimes turns itself back on)

    => And i finally found (at least one way) Windows firewall turns back on: If you happen to run the Home Network Setup Wizard windows may turn the Windows Firewall back on! So if you need to run that Wizard be certain to check and turn Windows Firewall back off@!​
  2. kimsland

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    OMG, I've run the NetSetup program multitude of times
    Is this consistent with every single time it's run it will turn on the Windows Firewall ?
    If so, then I think MS should be told of this issue (unless they already know)

    By the way if you need to confirm the Windows firewall is off:
    Start->Run-> Services.msc
    Scroll down to "Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)", confirm stopped, if you already have a 3rd party Firewall.
    You may want to Disable it as well, by double clicking on it and selecting Disable in "Startup type", then Apply and the Exit

    Or leave on and started if you do not use a 3rd party firewall
  3. LookinAround

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    I can't speak as "every single time" but
    1) Know for a fact i often check Windows firewall when i see network problems and see it mysteriously turned back on

    2) Just happened to run Network Wizard remotely on two XP computers and lost connectivity on both machines. It wasn't immediately after running the Wizard but after: running the Wizard and then restarting the machines. I had someone on the remote end check and Windows firewall was turned on. (i assume it must have been off when i started as i could connect in the first place.. but not after the fact and in that second case!)

    But if you think of it.. It would be just like MS to turn the firewall back on. And sometimes they don't know if another firewall is running. Maybe they turn it on with no warnings. (well, obviously no warnings. i've never seen it offer one)
  4. kimsland

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    I thought that it would turn on, only when Windows does not recognize a 3rd party firewall
    Anyway, I still feel you should ask at MS, just in case we are informing users incorrecctly
  5. LookinAround

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    i will explore it further but absolutely without question....

    Good advice when having networking problems: check if Windows firewall is ON or OFF. Regardless as to just how/when it does so, i have many times discovered it has mysteriously turned itself back on and thus is the source of networking problems
  6. kimsland

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    Wait a minute, in which way was it on?
    Was it on as stated at the network connections, or from Windows Security Center, or from Services?
    Because enabled at Services may not mean ON at the actual Network connection
    ie If I Start the Windows Firewall service, I can still disable the specific Network connection Windows Firewall enabled.
  7. LookinAround

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    It's confirmed!!

    Certainly for case:
    1) Running XP Pro SP3
    2) Run Network Setup Wizard and when prompted, i opt for
    => Connected to residential gateway
    => Specify my own Workgroup (i.e. not default MSHOME)
    => Turn on File Sharing
    3) Let the Wizard complete and once the Wizard is finished, Windows has turned the Windows Firewall back ON!!!!
    (and with no warnings, etc)

    I tested with cases of
    1) Only Windows Firewall installed but turned off (and Windows turns it back on)
    2) I installed and ran Comodo Personal firewall (and Windows turns Windows firewall back on)

    /* EDIT */
    And it's ON as in really ON! Open Control Panel->Windows firewall and the radio ON button is selected!

    Like i said before, i've seen this phenomena occur many times. Wasn't till just the other day i finally realized just how/when it was happening!
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