I just ordered a Nvidia 8600GT DDR 2

By am21 ยท 6 replies
Dec 27, 2008
  1. I selected this vga card over 8600GT 256mb GDDR3.. is it a wise decision ? :D

    My main requirement is to play GTA IV @ 1280x800 (low/medium settings) Will i have an advantage having extra memory though it's DDR2 ?

    Nvidia geforce 8600GT

    Core Clock (MHz) 500
    Shader Clock (MHz) 1000
    Memory Clock (MHz) 602 (it says Dual 400MHz RAMDAC in specs, will i get 2x bandwidth ? I see cards like XFX 8600GT ddr2 running @ 1100Mhz)
    Memory Amount 512mb DDR2
    Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 6.4
    Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec) 3.6

    Btw can i run it on a 450w PSU ? Pls help me out guys! :)
  2. direwolf007

    direwolf007 TS Rookie Posts: 105

    The 256Mb DDR3 version is superior to the 512Mb DDR2 version.

    Your PSU should run it fine.
  3. richardaball

    richardaball TS Rookie

    I don`t understand why people want to play games on anything but max settings.

    What`s the point? If you want to play gta 4 and you are going to buy a new gfx card now, then get a good card so you won`t have to upgrade it when a newer game comes out that you want to play.

    By the way what`s your budget for the GFX card?

    Just my opinion :)
  4. am21

    am21 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 44

    my budget is only $50

    Btw buying a high end card requires a good motherboard which can fully utilize the maximum bandwidth of pci express 2.0 x16 etc where as my motherboard supports only pci express x16 ( Intel DG31PR ) I don't want to waste $$$ since i'm just an occasional gamer (not hardcore) finally power consumption really means a lot to me :D
  5. richardaball

    richardaball TS Rookie

    For an extra $20 you could possibly get an ATI HD4670 with DDR3. Im using this card now and have no problem playing FarCry 2.
  6. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    just curious Am21, what does "power consumption means alot to me" mean exactly?
  7. am21

    am21 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 44

    i prefer to use low power as much as possible

    My system specs:

    Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66ghz (65w)
    19" Samsung (18w powered by PSU)
    250GB Sata II
    Intel DG31PR
    2GB DDR II 800 Mhz (Single Channel)
    DVD Rw

    My Psu


    Close up shot


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