I need 15 volts

By xero · 5 replies
Jan 27, 2006
  1. For my cooling experiment i need 15V inside the computer.

    Is there any way, by combining wires, modding the psu, to get the extra 3Volts. Ampere needed is about 1.5.

    I currently have an 8 degree celsius CPU. On full load it rises to quickly to 60 celsius (matter of seconds), so i need more juice.


    My PSU is an Astec AA226OO +/- 425W

    High priority.
  2. charp

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  3. xero

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    peltier elements. I have lent out my digicam. Will post some pic soon. looks quite profi :)

    Only.... after 2 minutes of 100% load on both cpu's temperatures rise to 65 degrees and i have to pull the plug to prevent damage.

    The peltier is a 110Watt 15V. But only running at 12V. I need the little increase in voltage to just get the bit extra cooling so that my proc will stay under the about 50 degrees.

    Procs are 2x xeon 3.06 1MB L3 HT S604 533MHz

    I also tried a second PSU. Powers the peltiers. When secondary PSU fails, primary PSU is shut down to prevent overheating ( the cooler is the critical condition the primary PSU will depend on ).

    Tested with 2.4 Ghz ones, they stay cool :grinthumb . 18 celsius on 100% load.

    I have read somewhere that -5V and +12V will get you 17 volts, at a poor amperage though.

    What do you recommend, get new peltiers? 172 Watt versions? A switchable, non-atx high performance power supply which can deliver 15V. Or combining wires (other than 12V and -5V) to get more V's?

    Modding the PSU internally is outta the question. It has to stay alive.
  4. dmill89

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    see if you can get a 15v adaptor and use that to power the peltier.You will have 2 power cables running in to your computer but there relly isn't anyother way sience combineing connectors on the psu will form a parallel cercuit and increase amperage but not voltage and removeing a voltage regulator in the psu will fry other 12v components. Hooking multiple lines in series will affect the entire rail anf fry all components attached to those rails.
    5v and 12v components don't like 17v much.
  5. xero

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    Ok thanks for the confirmation and info.
  6. JMag034

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    Those tecs arent enough to cool a loaded xeon. Thats why the temps are risings so much. You need to buy a PSU that is made for tecs, like a meanwell.
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