I need a free mmorpg maker/creator

By Cavy99 ยท 4 replies
Jul 13, 2007
  1. i need a free mmorpg maker/creator. it can be 2d or 3d.i dont care. im trying to make a game like runescape but better. remember, i has to be free.
  2. TimeParadoX

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    This is probably the most asked question I ever seen on this part of the forums :haha:

    I know of only 1 RPG maker you can make, it's not a Online one but it's free.

    Also if you want to really learn how to make a MMORPG then learn how to code, make texture art or character models, there is a person on this forums named Agi_Shi and he made a game and he's only 13.5 years old :D
  3. Cavy99

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    i already know how to code make textures and character models. i have some programs that i bought. One was $17 and the other was $50. im getting another $50 for texture soon. ive been working with code, texture, and characters for 2 years. now im 11 years old and am trying to make my first game. im making one like runescape but 10 times better and 3d. I also am going to make it modern day. So it will be like mdern day runescape, with guns and gernades and stuff like that. im also going to make wat better graffics. if you want to help email me at allstarozzy99@yahoo.com
  4. zippyo3

    zippyo3 TS Rookie

    ooo i like your ideas
    me and my friends where going to build an online game
    runescape is the thing everyone is copying so we came up with lots of new ideas like quests and items and places and stuff

    i tried to learn how to programme by using darkBASIC but it was very difficult
    so i like to use the easy stuff like fps creator

    you should try mulitverse its a really good site and you can build games like runescape but with better graphics

    send me a private message if you find any new software to make games
    (only free stuff or stuff with a free demo plz)
  5. thepcdude

    thepcdude TS Rookie

    Nice idea tell me about your games u end up building and ill try to get dat software.
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