I need a new graphics card

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Feb 9, 2009
  1. First let me say Im very sorry if I did this in the wrong format...I didn't really know how to ask this and I wasn't really sure where to put it. But seeing as this is what I need it for I put it here.... Anyways.

    I need to get a new graphics card, not something really fancy but something that will run some of the games out today. Now Ive looked at cards and a friend is helping me out with that but what I need to know is simple...I have no, NO, idea what kind of slot I have for my graphics card. I did not buy this computer and got it from my brother, so I have no idea if its a PCI, or PCIE or anything...All I know is what kind of graphics card it is as I found a little way to find out on google anyways...

    Plug and Play Monitor on Intel( R ) 82865G Graphics Controller

    Thats what I suspect my graphics card to be, after right clickign desktop going to properties then settings and and such... Im sorry with such little information Im providing I don't know much about the computer but I can probably find out some sort of way to find out what else is in it.

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    Thank you for the link, as it gave me exactly what I needed...Though it wasn't exactly good news. The graphics I have are intergrated, and my slots are PCI. So.... Thank you very much for your help.
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    Whats your budget? Also there is a pci thread for pci users:

    I am a pci user, so i use pci cards all the time. I have a Visiontek2400HD, pretty good, even better if you OC it from 519/396 to 600/450, temps on the card stays at 30c to 55c. I played Crysis at 1280x1024 all medium settings for 2 hours, temps on the card stayed at 34c.

    I am buying the best 8400gs card , which happens to be in PCI bus. The EVGA 8400gs, which is really cheap

    Core 567
    Memory 500
    8.gb of bandwidth.

    Or they have the 8500GT as well, and the 9400gt. I am planning to get the 1GB 9400gt for my secondary computer if i can next month.

    Anyways, peace
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    tha general, when you mention pci, please please DO NOT MENTION playing crysis again. Do we have to go into this again.
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    At 7fps. Give it a rest ffs
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