I need a simple inventory setup for my 'stuff'

By GSteve ยท 5 replies
Apr 24, 2011
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  1. Can anyone point me to a simple inventory program, preferably free, that would allow me to catalog and keep track of where my 'stuff' is located. Like I KNOW for a fact there is an extra hard drive (for example) somewhere in my stash, but where?..............I don't need to track cost or value or depreciation or any of that - just what it is and where it is located........

    Any ideas appreciated....
  2. jobeard

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    Google "WinAudit" and find Parmavex Services :)
  3. stuffsimple

    stuffsimple TS Rookie

    I know this is a little late but...

    You can check out www dot stuffsimple dot com. It's a very simple home/small business inventory system. It sounds like just what you need, and it's the reason I wrote the application. Sorry for the lack of link, but this is a brand new account and I can't submit a post with a link.
  4. mike1959

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  5. stuffsimple

    stuffsimple TS Rookie

    Thanks for posting the link

    I appreciate that.
  6. GSteve

    GSteve TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    Thanks, guys.....I appreciate the info.

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