i need help with Switched on school house software

By szimmerle
Aug 6, 2007
  1. I saw a post from nathanskywalker about a problem installing the application disk for switched on schoolhouse. I'm having the same problem with the same error (code:0x00000643). He said he rebooted windows. I've rebooted my computer, is that the same thing? Can anyone help me or nathanskywalker can you tell me what I need to do?
  2. tester

    tester TS Rookie

    I have tried loading SO before for other homeschoolers - some of the newer OS's do not like to older versions - are you reloading an older version 95/98 version??
  3. szimmerle

    szimmerle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    found the answer

    Well, I went to the AOP website and they had the answer. I wish I would of thought of that to begin with. I spent 3 hours trying to figure it out. oh well. Thank you for your reply.
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