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Aug 25, 2012
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  1. I bought a laptop on Ebay and it has a 5400rpm hard drive and I'd like to clone it to a larger, faster drive. Is there a free way to do it. It has a clean install if Windows 7 but no install disk. Thanks
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    How does it copy the drive? I tried created a bootable disk with the program but the computer wont boot from it. thanks
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    To clone a drive you need to boot from something besides the source or target or remove the drive from the laptop and then attach both source and target to another computer and run easeus from it to make the clone. Either way will work. You will probably have go into bios and set laptop to boot from dvd/cd drive. Try that and let me know.
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    I use DriveImageXML to do my cloning. I boot from a BartPE CD and run DriveImageXML. If you can slave your laptop's drive to another PC, you can create an image provided that your host PC has ample space. Clean all your temps before making a clone.

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