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I Need To Delete This Network!

By greatman05
Jun 12, 2006
  1. Hello. I have a problem. I recently set up a wirless internet connection for my grandmother's laptop. Upon doing this, I set up the desktop to connect through a gateway. My problem is, the gateway is slowing down my connection. I know this because when I used to get download speeds of up to 165 kilobytes/sec. Now, I only receive download speeds of up to 90 kilobytes/sec. Now, do I disconnect the modem from the gateway, plug it into the computer, and use the Network Setup Wizard to reconfigure the connection?
  2. TypeX45

    TypeX45 TS Rookie Posts: 144

    You can go directly form the modem to the computer and it.
    Just bring up a command prompt and type:

    ipconfig /release

    and then:

    ipconfig /renew and it should get an ip address just fine from the modem.
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