I need to info so I can download drivers, please Help!!

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Nov 22, 2007
  1. I got a computer from my friend who had windows 2000 for her OS and i installed Windows XP on it. Now it says i need to install the drivers for the Ethernet Controller, Multimedia Audio Controller, SM Bus Controller and Video Controller. I know how to install the drives, but the problem is to know what drives I need for the computer. Is there a way I can find out. One problem though, since I cant connect to the computer on it, I cant run a system check to find out exactly what drives it has.

    Any suggestions?????
  2. Teranius

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    at the startup you'll be able to see what mobo you have. write the model number down and go to the main website of the mobo manufacturer. there you select downloads and it ought to ask you what model you have. then just select drivers and you should be able to find everything
  3. robin_bga

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    Ok i have a link to a software that will tell u what u need to download, below is the link.
    Unknown Device Identifier
  4. Teranius

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    you can use that too. after installation and opening it it'll show everything you have, then you just need to update thedrivers on the internet. i suggest you first download the LAN driver or modem driver depending on how you access the net. with the identifier you just tell it which drivers to update
  5. l_lyn01

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    I did check the computers website and they have several different drivers for several of the things i needed. it was really confusing.

    so i am glad you posted that for me, i will try it!!!

    again thansk so much!
  6. l_lyn01

    l_lyn01 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay so I ran the program and got the info I needed, but now I cant seem to find two of the drivers I need to download.

    One is The Multimedia Audio Controller its an intel 82801DB Ac'97 and PCI Standerd ISA Bridge Intel 82801DB ICH4 LPC Interface Bridge.

    I looked at dells site and intels, but i cant seem to find either one.

    I am not real computer savey, but I do know those numbers are the same, just different.

    Now I need help with this, lol..... Any input?

    Thanks again for all your help!
  7. Teranius

    Teranius TS Rookie Posts: 115

    Have you tried the product search at intel? use the codes you have
  8. l_lyn01

    l_lyn01 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, I did and I still ended up having problems. I did manage to contact someone and they found the drivers and emailed them to me. Thanks everyone for your help!
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