I/O Magic DVD burner PROBLEM!!!!!

By mikeymike2121
Feb 6, 2005
  1. Hey, i have a problem with my DVD burner. I try to burn a dvd to a blank one but it never works. I just bought a I/O Magic Internal DVD +-RW/+-R with a max speed of 16X and duel layer capability. Now ive tried using the Nero Express i received wit the burner but every time i try to burn it stops responding and i have to restart the computer just to get control. I also downloaded a program called CloneDVD and 1clickcoping. (somethin liket that) Now when i use either of these other programs it will start buring but then it would come back as a error that it cannot burn it. Although the one time i did get far in the buring process and it errrored i tried to watch the movie and it worked as far as it burned, then i tried to burn the 2nd half of the movie and it completed it completely. (the 1st and last time it ever did) but when i tried to watch this movie it didnt work. (the one that didnt finish works on my comp and PS2, the one that finished only works on the comp)
    iam running Win XP pro, wit 900 mhz, 318 ram. (i noe its crap)
    and i was wondering if anyone had any clue as to why this is happening, ive only tried buring wit DVD-R single layered so far. And when it does burn it takes an outrages amount of time, to burn the one that went half way took about 2.5 hours, and the one that finished but didnt work on a player took 3 hrs. Any help would really be appreciated i waited so long to get this and now i cant get it to work. Thank You
  2. proet10

    proet10 TS Rookie

    Mike you cannot simply burn dvds with just nero, you need nero vision with dvd decrypter, and dvd shrink http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4020.html to download dvd shrink this second site is how to burn dvds with dvd shrink and dvd decrypter most dvds have an image on them and not the movie, it is code so when someone tries to copy them they will not work and nero cannot always burn the world. It really is not as hard as it sounds so quit wasting dvds and go to this site to solve your problems you can try to get nero vision with google by typing nero vision + cd key torrent there you can find a download using bit torrent or some other form of torrent nero vision is $99.00 in the retail stores. DvdXCopy is no more Dvd rippers are alright but you have to know which file to take out to have a working copy of a movie http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/dvd9_to_dvdr_with_dvd_shrink.cfm
  3. proet10

    proet10 TS Rookie

    Also do not buy or use roxio this is owned by some fools up in the hollywood hills in cali​
    it is copyright protected only movies you create on camea, and so forth. What you are doing has nothing to do with the burner, its with all burners. Must have right software for the right job.
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