I think I ruined my motherboard

By dylan
Nov 8, 2012
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  1. I was putting together my first build and accidently touched my motherboard while the psu was on and the cpu fan span for a moment, all components of the computer were also attached at this time... sheer terror. Later when I tried to start my computer I also realized one of the PCI-E cords (power supply) for my graphics card wasnt in far enough. I cant get monitor recognition of the computer or a beep code. What could I have ruined, the mobo, cpu, graphics card, others?? HELP

    PS: I was able to get monitor recognition earlier when I used the screwdriver jump test and it looked fine
  2. allman71

    allman71 TS Rookie

    I would unplug and reset everything and see if that would take care of the problem.
  3. Hyv567

    Hyv567 TS Rookie

    Dear Dylan,

    By touching your motherboard it wont stop.
    1# try to tap Caps lock and see if there's a spotting light. if not most of the time your RAM is not good enough plugged in
    2# Try to Re-place your RAM cards.
    3# Try to Replace you hole motherboard :( <------ dont worry is isnt that hard.

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