I think my monitor and my gpu gets out of sync when I launch Apex

When I first launch Apex my fps tanks to 97 even though my system can go well above 180. It gets super choppy and stuttery. After alt tabbing for a few minutes, it eventually goes back 144fps the same as my refresh rate. I tried disabling reflex, gsync, restarting drivers, uninstalling game and drivers but nothing works... I have to either alt tab or keep spamming on and off the gsync option on my monitor's OSD.
I remember when I first got GTA V and I just built a new RTX 2080 PC and the framerate was horrible for me. I played around with the graphics settings and could not figure out why it was so bad. I loaded up Geforce Experience and I let it optimize my settings for my 144hz GSync monitor and everything worked perfectly. I still use the Geforce Experience today for all my games.