I would like to get gaming desktop compute for under $650


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I would like to get gaming desktop computer and would like to know if Alienware or computer from Dell or Dell Alienware is good way to go or not.

Are mini computers like from Alienware or from Dell good for gaming.

Are these Alienware or mini computers good for gaming? Or is full desktop tower better?

I was thinking of buying computer of ebay.

Looks like it may be good computer

But I think it may be build computer kit. You have to put the computer together.

Buying computer from Best buy you are stuck with brand name computer like Acer or Gateway being very cheap and low budget computers or HP or Asus better and more costly computers.

CyberPowerPC and iBUYPOWER Gamerner PC both over price and not reliable computer lots of lots hardware problems and outdated.

Well build computer kits are good, but you have to put it together and you get no software and windows 8 does not come with it.

And Best buy,office place, business depot or target computers are over price and like 5 years old.

Not sure if I should go for a full tower or mini tower. The computer will be hooked up to my big TV for gaming.

I will also be doing some video editing and sound editing too and some basic Microsoft office apps.

Some games will be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ,Dark Souls,Witcher 2,Dragon Age II,Divinity II ,Diablo ,Mass Effect 3,Far Cry 2,Risen,Fallout,Grand Theft Auto and Doom so on.

The budget no more than $650.

Is Dell,Alienware or ebay a better way to go?