I5-3570k core speed


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Basicly the core i5-3570k is running at 1600 when im just browsing the internet and I dont really like that so is the ram which si running at 680 mhz while it shoud be 1600 how to fix this I know that it goes to these figures just to save energy ect but I dont like it


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Well, you have to double the RAM values to get the actual speed it's running at. For instance if my ram was running at 800mhz id 800 * 2 =1600mhz

What program are you using to monitor these values?


One Q though,why do you think you need 3400 or 3800 turbo speed to browse the net when I've been able to play sims 3 at 1600mhz with just playable frames?


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Hmm I know what u mean but the real thing is sometimes in games it remains and low 3400 I prefer it to go up to 3800 at high performance power the cpu usally goes to 3.99 ghz,. which is stable

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