IBM Netvista. Repair or replace

By briggsy
Jul 26, 2005
  1. After a loud pop and some smoke, my IBM netvista (1GHz P3, Windows Me, 128 MB RAM) quit working last night. I took it apart and found that one of the capacitors on the motherboard leaked some fluid and shorted out and that several others are bulging at the top, which I'm taking as a bad sign.

    Since all of the other components are fine, I would like to replace the motherboard. However, I have heard that it is difficult to replace the motherboard with a new one, since the case is specific to the board it came with and the power supply with the netvistas is insufficient for the newer boards.

    If the above are true, am I just better off getting a new machine with Windows XP and installing the peripherals into that one? If I do that, will I be able to also hook up my old HD to recover the data from it?

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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