IBM's latest zEnterprise mainframe packs powerful 5.5GHz processors

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Aug 29, 2012
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  1. Competing for the attention of an increasing number of businesses that are turning to lower cost PC-based enterprise servers, IBM has announced next-generation systems with a smaller footprint as well as improved security and performance. The new zEnterprise EC12 mainframe cost......

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  2. dividebyzero

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    Just to forestall the inevitable "why are desktop CPU's lagging behind" observation. Here's what a couple of Z196 MCM (Multi chip module) look like...along with their integrated water blocks
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  4. Sunny87

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  5. Doctor John

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    It'll never replace the Commodore 64.
  6. Ya ya. The main frame is dying. I have heard that for 15 years. Anyone is dumb enough to think DB2 is going to be replaced does not know anything about large systems. Most large companies use a combination of all systems and they all have a place. Small companies will always find cheap ways to process data. Either RS6000 or AS400 In the day or Linux clusters today. Blah blah say bye to ZOS right whatever.
  7. TJGeezer

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    I was gonna get one but it's probably better to wait until Acer offers it in a laptop.
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