iCloud to drop former MobileMe users from 25GB to 5GB

By Rick ยท 7 replies
Sep 25, 2012
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  1. It looks as though former MobileMe users are about to lose their generous helping of iCloud storage. Effective September 30, iCloud subscribers who saw their cushy MobileMe limit of 20GB grandfathered in will see that number reduced from a combined...

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  2. MobileME - $100
    iCloud - Free

    If you had paid for MobileME you were given the extra storage as compensation for your paid subscription. All subscriptions have expired at this point.

    Take the $99 you would have spent renewing MobileMe and use $40 to up your storage space instead.
  3. khha4113

    khha4113 TS Rookie

    So we got screwed from Apple? I'd think I'd have stuck with Dropbox!
  4. Landisnicholas

    Landisnicholas TS Rookie

    I only use 18% of my 5 GB. There is hardly any need for more IMO
  5. "I only use 18% of my 5 GB. There is hardly any need for more IMO"
    Very true. But that's just you. I use 25% of my 12.3 GB of Dropbox space. My friend use 50% of his 15GB of Dropbox space. We all use different amount so what you use does not equal to what everyone else uses.
  6. Landisnicholas

    Landisnicholas TS Rookie

    I think iCloud works a whole lot different to Dropbox. The only thing counted in iCloud are really documents, and contacts, I have 82 contacts and 63 documents in there. All music, videos, and photos aren't included in the 5gb
  7. Fill F Fill

    Fill F Fill TS Rookie

    It should be noted that iCloud storage is free and unlimited. It's just the 3rd party app docs that is limited to 5GB by default, which I haven't run into or even used yet to any significant degree. In any case, you can buy more storage if it gets to that. Or get an external drive, which is probably smarter/safer, anyways.
  8. Romeolo888

    Romeolo888 TS Rookie

    They already done it haven't they, I got an email saying I was close to my 5GB limit.

    If thats the case, I will just change to Gmail .

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