Ideas on the best mouse/kb for AutoCAD?

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Jul 29, 2006
  1. Was just curious, and doing some Googling but wanted to see what you all thought.

    I'm going to be doing a lot of CAD, nearly full time. So I'm looking for a good keyboard and mouse for CADing. Does anybody here CAD? What do you use?

    Right now they have a wireless Logitech set and it sucks.

    Basically, some requirements are:

    I ONLY need THREE buttons. Left, right, and middle click. And it needs scroll. So a two button mouse with scroll/click will suffice. Nothing fancy. Optical, of course.

    However, since I have to scroll and middle-click a lot, I don't want a super sensitive scroll which scrolls a lot while I'm tring to click, if you follow. And likewise I don't want such a sensitive middle click that it accidentally clicks when I scroll. So a good scroll/click is a MUST.

    Because it's only a two button mouse, most of those are pretty small in size. And I want one that is comfortable, and so it should probably be larger, and more form fitting. But it's hard to fine a larger, ergonimic mouse with only a 2 button configuration. Know of any?
    Of course I can have more buttons if I MUST, but they have to be more out of the way and not where they can be accidentally clicked.

    And I think wireless is good still, but I dislike wireless so either config is okay. But their wireless now for some reason doesn't always connect on startup, so you have to unplug it and plug back in. Which is a pain. I'd rather just have wired. Or in fact, a wired keyboard (because it won't move much) and then a wireless mouse. I wouldn't mind that, with a charger for the mouse etc...

    As far as the keyboard, that's tricky. ACAD uses a lot of shortcuts keys, and I'll be doing minimal full-fledged typing. But I think a strait, versus ergo, keyboard is best. Because a strait keyboard makes it easier to get all shortcuts keys with one hand without having to jump around. And in fact, it may be better if the keyboard is somewhat scrunched a TAD, to bring all those keys closer for one hand to use quickly. And yet still good for two handed touch typing when used.
    Oh, and I MUST have proper key location on it. Which is where the backslash is above the enter key, with backspace above that. And with the ctrl and alt in their classic positions. I HATE it when the put the backslash down by the shift or under the enter key.
    And I also still want a standard number pad, and stand sized arrow keys for the occasional game :)
    On top of that, I don't need fancy multimedia keys. But if so, simplistic is key, just maybe volume and some common shortcuts to mail or web etc... I DON'T want keys such as shut down and standby to be on it, because the accidental click could be detrimental! I had a keyboard once where ALL the shutdown keys you could want, were right above the arrow keys! Talk about random shut downs during the day!

    And yes, a good chunky wrist rest is a good thing. But I'd rather have NO wrist rest, and get my own gel pad, then to have some lame plastic rest. But if the keyboard has a solidly locked on SOFT pad, that would be good.
    So it would be good if the keyboard is strait, and not curved in the front, for that wrist rest purpose.

    Alrighty then! My that's a long list for a kb and mouse. lol
    Call me paranoid, but I always like to know what my TS friends think about things.
    And if this perfect kb/ms set doesn't exist, I'll invent it myself and get rich selling to CAD professionals! You heard it here first!

  2. Sean

    Sean TS Rookie Posts: 100

    soryr sorry double post.
  3. Sean

    Sean TS Rookie Posts: 100

    Id recommend Logitech Mx518, its 40-50$. It has Left, right and mouse3. And has Back and Foward buttons on its side. They are automatically set as foward and backward in I.E., firefox and windows. Every button can be reprogrammed to what ever you want once you install logitechs software, and you can adjust the DPI from 400 to ultra twitqy 16000 DPI.
  4. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    So you considered having a pen/tablet instead of a mouse? or is that just too far off...?

    Seeing your current dislikes are, and the nutrality you have just to open up your options, i was thinking something like the keyboard in this:
    MS Wireless Optical Desktop Elite with a scrolly thing on the side of the keyboard, then a graphire tablet like so, and you'll have your 3 button mouse thing met, and also your scroll wheel, as well as easy key-combo access (which i assume like most of us you'll be using the left hand side of the keyboard more..) and its a standard keyboard, so everythings there...
  5. Vigilante

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    Hmm, I've never used a tablet before. But I can say, as far as AutoCAD is concerned, I don't think it will help. My right hand is continually making small motions along with repetitive scrolling and left and middle clicking. The scroll is for zooming in and out on the design, which I have to do every second almost. The left hand is repetitively typing shortcut keys, measurements, bits of text, constantly. So switching to use scroll with left hand on the keyboard isn't gunna work. Oh and middle click is used for panning around too, so very often. Not sure how those motions would translate to a tablet.

    Ok, how about getting just a basic MS keyboard that is not ergonomic, and wired. And then get a Logitech wireless mouse with charger? I use a Logitech MX5000 now and I love it. I'll have to see what their wireless versions are.

    I want a tablet though, cause I do a lot of Photoshop as well, but haven't looked up prices in some time.
  6. HFP22

    HFP22 TS Rookie

    CAD Mouse and Keyboard

    I think the problem with your Logitech mouse and keyboard not connecting was a driver problem. Logitech driver updates are sometimes newer than the ones Windows Updates releases and installs automatically. For the wireless mouse and keyboard the files are called Setpoin400.exe for example. I always overwrote the driver Windows installed with the one Logitech provided through their website.

    I prefer a gaming keyboard and mouse for speed, precision and durability. They are designed for extended periods of heavy use and abuse. I prefer Logitech because of the design, comfort and the wheel isn't as sensitive as other brands; especially microsoft's mice. I like to use the buttons and program them to perform commands I use often. Programming buttons is set through Logitech's Setpoint software. The wireless combos work fine too but I prefer the durability and speed of gaming gear and the gaming gear only comes wired because it cuts down on the radio transmitting and receiving time.

    My Gear: Logitech G9 Laser Mouse and Logitech G11 Keyboard.
  7. Jason217

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    AutoCAD Periph

    There are two very unique componets that you can use with AutoCAD that you will get every penny out of if you want to spend the money and if you are spending that much time on CAD you want to spend the money.

    The first is a keyboard that is speciacally designed to work with CAD with some of the most common commands you will use, so you can esentailly drop off the ribbon and gain drawing space... You can find it at:

    www bhphotovideo com

    As for the mouse it all depends on your comfort between a mouse or a trackball. The trackball is not as necessary anymore now that we have evolved to 3-5 buttons mice with scrolling and now that we have optical precision, but some still prefer them The perfect mouse for the app is the Logitech revolution which is a laser optic mouse that has incredible precision and accuracy and the perfect button setup, plus it's wireless and rechargable and one charge lasts all day, even with CAD!!!

    www logitech com then goto mice and revolution

    I hope this helps, trust me, the right tools make all the difference when it comes to comfort and speed.

  8. captaincranky

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    I respectfully beg to differ, but perhaps I make more mistakes than you do.
    I simply can't live without the large side button being programmed to Control "Z", the "big undo". How about this M$ 20 buck Jobbie?

    Microsoft Keyboards have a lot of buttons you can program. This series has a mild "ergo" design, very comfortable, not extreme like some. This USB OEM set (w/mouse) is on sale:
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