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Dec 10, 2007
  1. My internet explorer 6 just started showing everything as if my screen resolution were 800x600 or even lower. With such big letter I have to watch my screen real far from the monitor. Everything was working fine, but then, when closing IE and open it again, it showed everything in big letters.

    Due this I am writing this with firefox, but I would like to fix IE

    Any idea what went wrong or how to reset IE to the way it was before?
  2. Nodsu

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    How about View->Text Size->Medium?
  3. SultanGris

    SultanGris TS Booster Posts: 158

    firefox is vastly superior to IE. If you are insistent on using IE, why are you using ie6 and not ie7?
  4. oct714

    oct714 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your reply.

    Nodsu : thanks a lot. A simple answer, which I did not find out it by myself

    SultanGris: You're right, although Firefox is better than IE, I prefer to keep my configuration as simple as possible. I keep cleaning my system even by editing the registry. That is the reason I use the default browser (IE) instead others (netscape, firefox, opera, etc). I never have any issue with IE (no virus, no spyware, etc), so I do not need anything else.

    This ocasion was special. Somehow my IE switched the "text size" displayed. So simple to fix, that instead of checking by myself, I opted for posting this thread.

    By the way, the firefox I used and I am still using this time, it is running from my flash drive, as a standalone program. That means, it is not installed on my HDD (my Zone Alarm did not detected any modification in the registry when I run it). How could that be possible? Time ago a friend of mine gave me these standalone programs on that flashdrive. I never though they would work and specially, that they would be really handy. I still wonder how they created them. Any idea?

    Also, i did not like IE7, so I went back to IE6 for now.
  5. SultanGris

    SultanGris TS Booster Posts: 158

    ah, fair enough, I was just curious. Not sure about the flash drive thing however. Never had a reason so far to try that. Sounds interesting though. I find that whenever I run IE it attempts to change my registry.
  6. N3051M

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    programs running from flash drives....

    Some are specially coded to run as stand alone software, or written to be able to perform without needing registry entries (why do you need to install and register the program when it doesn't need to? kinda thing)

    Firefox portable is one of them...

    Otherwise, for everything else, some USB drives include special software (eg. Ceedo) that you install to it and that software will act like a virtual desktop on the USB.

    of course, thats what i think happens...
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