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Mar 1, 2003
  1. I have a problem with IE6 with latest patch installed, whenever I open a second window it is blank. If I open another page in the existing window it is no problem, just a second window.I have checked all settings, gone to install/uninstall and repair option for IE6 but no improvement. Windows ME was reloaded about 3 months ago.
    PC is Athlon 1000MHZ, 128Mb SDRAM, TNT2 graphics card.
    Any suggestions as to cause of problem?
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    Thanks Storm I will try it, I looked on the Microsoft Newsgroups for Internet Explorer and it seems there are a lot of us with the same problem. Their suggestion is the same as yours but it doesn't always work, so I can only try it. I will post back if it does.
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    Makes sense that the two solutions would be alike, they both came from MSKB. Hope it works out for you, if not, reply back and let us know as well. Someone else may know of another solution.
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    Well I tried the fix and failed, when I tried with urimon.dll I had an error message - " Load library (urimon.dll) failed. GetLastError returns0x00000485"

    With 3 other file names I received - " Msjava.dll loaded but DllInstall entry point not found, may be corrupt version in memory. Consider pview to detect and remove."
    MsJava replaced with which ever filename is involved, the other 4 filenames went ok.

    I attempted to find pview and could not find it loaded despite a search, both on the c: drive and the registry.

    I then checked the registry values suggested in the MKBA and found they did not exist.
    I then tried repairing internet explorer, but again without success.
    As I have IE6 it seems impossible to reinstall it as it is only downloadable, every time you try it detects that you already have it installed.
    Any more suggestions you guys.
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