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IE7 Can't open websites after Patch Tuesday

By TeeTime
Feb 13, 2009
  1. One of our four networked PCs can no longer open websites in IE7. The problem started after this week's mega patch which included KB961260 for IE. All four PCs were patched. Three still work but the fourth doesn't. The ones that work are XP SP3, Vista 64 SP2, and Windows Server 2003. The one that doesn't is XP SP3. It is also the only one that is wireless. All are using IE7.

    On the one problem PC I CAN successfully do the following:
    • Ping an IP address
    • Ping a DNS name
    • Receive ZoneAlarm virus updates
    • Send and receive email

    I just can't access web sites using IE7. All the settings look ok, as far as I can tell. I temporarily disabled Zone Alarm but still couldn't access web sites. Any suggestions what else I should check?
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  4. TeeTime

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    I appreciate the suggestions.

    It turns out other Zone Alarm users had the same problem. ZA blocked all IE Internet access since the MS patch changed some IE files. I'm not sure why turning the ZA firewall off didn't allow IE to work, but some others had the same experience. Makes me think it wasn't actually disabled.

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