"iexplore.exe" Running under "System"

By gxrylgx
Mar 5, 2009
  1. Well I'm sure you guys get this alot, I have lately noticed a slow in my system, and when I open Taskmgr.. and look through it I notice "iexplore.exe" open draining almost 500,000K's... Now there seems to be a related thing with it, as there's another file called "c1PRhX6q.exe" open with it.
    When I close "iexplore.exe", "c1PRhX6q.exe" stays open and "iexplore.exe" opens back up under "SYSTEM" almost immediately, but if I close "c1PRhX6q.exe" then "iexplore.exe" closes with it aswell.. they remain closed for a few min then open back up...

    I attatched a copy of HJT scan someone help please...
  2. redk

    redk TS Rookie Posts: 91

    Honestly, what I would do is just do a search for "c1PRhX6q.exe" and delete the file. (Closing it first with task manager of course.

    It's obviously some kind of malware, however it isn't picked up by hijackthis.
    It's not part of Windows, that's for sure, so deleting it shouldn't hurt your Windows installation.
  3. gxrylgx

    gxrylgx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well.. I don't know why I didn't think of that myself... I feel like a complete imbecile.. lol.

    But nontheless I erased it last night, and I've had a process watch all night long, and it hasn't popped back up.

    For what it's worth Thanks!:grinthumb
  4. kimsland

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