If a computer has feelings, mine would be SCARED RIGHT ABOUT NOW. XP HANG - tried all

By mikemtglo
Feb 13, 2005
  1. FREE COMPUTER: Hurry and get it otherwise its going for a flying lesson out of a Portland highrise...I think that is my last resort. Maybe I could aim for a Bush supporter. Kidding!

    OKay - I'll make this as short as possible because long threads aren't fun or funny ..just not fun.

    Windows Xp Home
    AMD Athlon xp 2400
    80 gig
    256 DDR (yes thats it)

    Coming home from work, first boot in the morning (cold boot, etc.), - comp starts, gets to the Windows Xp spash screen (the screen with the little loading bar on the bottom) - than HANGS (bar keeps moving across the screen - hard drive light has stopped flashing). Nothing happens from there and this ALWAYS happens from a cold boot. I must reset, turn off, either or - starts up again and ALWAYS loads up to my desktop. Once the computer is on - runs perfect. If I turn it off - back on again maybe a few minutes later, starts back on no problem. Same with Restarting. This problem only exists from a cold boot.

    I believe this is not a software/virus related issue.

    * I have checked ALL drivers as a possibility.
    * Computer scanned w/ damn near every virus scanner out there.
    * Uninstalled all Norton related software
    * Checked BIOS settings for any kind of boot conflicts or anything that looked funny
    * Removed, cleaned the dust out, replaced hardware components
    * I even asked it really nice to stop messing with me

    I thought perhaps this could be a hardware related problem - bad memory, HD - all of which I tested on a friends comp - works perfect. Ok - so than I thought....POWER SUPPLY! HA! Maybe my old case just didn't have the juice any more.

    I have an older 300W Antec - so, thanks to Newegg's unbelievably fast shipping - I rec'd my brand new 450W Rosewill case (with lots of cool *** lights). I did the switcheroo yesterday - booted up (had a few initial problems) - but eventually got to the good 'ol desktop.
    So NOW - on this HORRIBLE SUNDAY morning, I come to turn on my computer and BAM - EXACT same F****** Thing. (That's Freakin by the way...why, what did you say in your head when you read it huh?!?)

    So....P L E A S E ...anyone out there with a heart, please! - there is a computer here extremely close to a painstakingly horrible death. And just a side note - thanks, but reinstalling windows as a solution is just like telling me Corey Feldman is going to have a career again - it's just not going to happen.

  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    This is obviously temperature related. Only happening when the computer is cold.

    I suspect that you have a dry solder joint or loose componant or something similar probably on the mobo itself.

    Unfortunately these problems are virtually impossible to diagnose unless you are an electronics expert and have the relevent equipment.

    If your mobo is still under warranty then RMA it.

    Other than that maybe a new mobo is in order.

    Bear in mind that if you do get a new mobo try and get one that is exactly the same otherwise your system wont boot up because your HDD has all the drivers on it for your present mobo.

    And don`t forget to backup all your important data.

    If you get a different mobo then this means a complete reformat and reinstall of your OS in order to get the new mobo up and running properly.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    What about a combination of those? Have you tried taking all PCI cards, drives and all but one memory module out?
    Why, do you think the juice has leaked out? Components these days rarely die because of age. It's possible for some capacitors to dry, but unlikely in a few years time.
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