IKEA partners with TaskRabbit to launch in-home furniture assembly service


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If you've purchased IKEA furniture in the past, you probably already know how difficult it can be to assemble. If their latest announcement is anything to go by, it seems IKEA finally understands that as well.

As reported by TechCrunch, the furniture company today announced the roll-out of their new assembly service developed in partnership with TaskRabbit. The service, simply dubbed "IKEA Assembly & Mounting," will let you pay extra to allow TaskRabbit "Taskers" to enter your home and assemble any given piece of IKEA furniture for you.

According to IKEA, customers who choose to take advantage of their new assembly service will be able to choose a specific date and time for the assembly to take place. If you're worried about getting scammed, IKEA promises you'll only have to pay once the job is complete and all Taskers are "qualified and fully vetted" prior to being sent out to assist you.

As far as pricing goes, IKEA's new assembly service will start at $36 with users being charged a "flat rate per type of item." To determine how much your specific piece of furniture will cost to assemble, simply download the TaskRabbit app for iOS or Android and add the items to a new task.

As TechCrunch notes, IKEA's new assembly option is likely the company's answer to Amazon's similar in-home furniture assembly service. Still, as nice as the service sounds, some users may be a bit leery about allowing strangers into their homes.

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I saw some kids on hoverboards today. When are we going to get an article on how difficult it is to walk because no one does it. I can accept difficult directions but that's where it stops


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I thought wot a load of rubbish, until I looked around my flat and saw one badly built Ikea filing cabinet and four other unbuilt Ikea flat ... but 36$ for every item? I prefer £15 an hour from Ageuk.

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While I personally have never owned any of their offerings I have helped about a dozen friends assemble theirs. I must admit that I am shocked at how many younger adults simple have terrible problems reading and following directions for something as simple. So far I've found most of these things relatively simple to put together; modified a few to add strength but never found any that took much more than an hour to assemble. Considering a few people's apprehension about allowing a stranger in their home I am surprised that IKEA didn't offer an alternative service to assemble the units and deliver them assembled.
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The best part about IKEA is having to assemble it. just like a bigger and easier version of LEGO technics.

during the assembly time you'll slowly get ideas on how to make your cheap furniture "better". don't even get me started on the ikeahackers community.
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I personally have had no problems, but I know someone that a couple of years after purchase still had it sitting in the box, they couldn't figure it out LOL
lest I seem uncaring, I only found out when they mentioned it and had passed the piece on.