iLogic drive not recognized

By Rafaelortiz
Nov 9, 2008
  1. my 1 gb ilogic usb pen drive not recognized by my computer
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    Whoa! Hold on a minute! OK. Probably longer then a minute.

    But those tools are going to erase any data already written to that pen-drive (which is ok if the drive is empty but am guessing is probably not)

    There are some other things to try before getting to that point
    • Plug the drive directly into the computer USB port (not through a USB hub. As you may have
      => A bad hub
      => Another device attached to the hub causing problems
      => Too many devices needing power plugged into a hub
    • Assign the drive a new drive letter. (is a problem if u assigned it a drive letter before but that letter currently being used by another device)
      • Click Start->Run, enter: diskmgmt.msc to start Windows Disk Management tool.
      • Does a new entry show up in the tool display when the pen drive is plugged in???
      • If yes, rt click the entry. select Change Drive Lettters and choose a letter among the choices Windows gives you
    • Use a disk partitoning tool to attempt to recover deleted partitions. (fyi.. don't ask what may have lead up to it... but this was the solution i tried one time when a friend's usb drive started having the "not recognized" problem)
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