i'm trying to get rid of the second windows boot

By spakdiddy
Apr 7, 2007
  1. i have both windows xp home in english and xp home professional in french. and whenever i start up theres a french menu asking me which operating system i want to choose. im trying to get rid of that french xp altogether how do i do that, please?
  2. tek8

    tek8 TS Rookie

    I don't believe Windows XP home has Disk Manager, so you are going to have to boot up into your Windows XP disk and go to the partition manager, and delete the French WinXP partition.

    Oh and you might want to boot into the recovery console after that and do a "fixmbr" command, just so you dont use the french bootloader.
  3. spakdiddy

    spakdiddy TS Rookie Topic Starter


    a lot man.
  4. thomas644

    thomas644 TS Rookie

    Once you delete the French partition, If the French menu still show up at boot; go to the start select "run" and enter msconfig. Click on the boot tab and then delete the French command.
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