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Aug 6, 2008
  1. Can't help but be impressed by the great tech deals that appear to be available from the US but can't find anything similar in the UK - any hints? The prices in dollars seem very keen, though it would probably cost me a fair bit extra with import duties etc. at customs....
  2. SNGX1275

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    The US Dollar is in the toilet. That is why. Also companies move a lot more product here so they can probably afford lower profit margins.
  3. woody1191

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    Current Conversion Rate Roughly is £1 British Pound - $2 US Dollars. So basically cut your numbers in half to get it in £'s but add another 8.5%-11.5% on as Tax depending on your State Tax or Sale Tax or whatever it is called for you, which I think is around 6%-9%.

    The reason for adding on that percentage is because we get shafted with a 17.5% VAT (Value Added Tax) on our items so something may cost £100 but we have to pay a extra £17.50 on top to our Government, its 19% VAT over in Mainland Europe.

    SNGX, British Pound is in the Toilet as much as US Dollar, Its been at roughly the same conversion rate between our currencies for around 4-5 years now.
  4. SNGX1275

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    I don't think its paralleling it because I just saw a big story this week on all the tourists in NYC from the UK, and comparing prices. They interviewed people from the UK in NYC and people from the US in London about how much they could afford.

    Here is a graph showing the dollar's decline vs the pound.
  5. woody1191

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    I see your point with that graph, although London is the 2nd or 3rd most expensive in the World last time I checked they may not have considered Average Prices through the country, in the North where I am it is cheaper by around 50% in terms of prices of items being Food or Drink other things like Cars and Petrol say are about 10%-20% more.

    But really thinking about it we can't make direct comparisons because I heard for a Gallon of Petrol In US its around $4, now your Gallon is different to ours, yours is a Dry Gallon (3.7 Litres), ours is a Wet Gallon (4.5 litres) and our Gallon of petrol costs £5.15 or $10.30 so differences in Litres, Different Tax Rates and all sorts of different costs to refine the Oil come in, the list just goes on.

    Basically to try and compare our Petrol costs roughly double yours in terms of conversion rates between GBP and USD.

    But yes in terms of rough comparison you would find things here pretty expensive and even more expensive in London.
  6. JBMAC

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    US UK comparisons

    Thanks to Woody and SNGX for your interest.
    Thinks: must keep away from those 'dry' gallons........
    Bad enough paying to fill the tank with the wet stuff!
  7. NetCablesPlus

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    It does not apply to expensive electronics because it would be a small percentage of the total bill, but from my perspective selling low-cost items (i.e., network and PC cables) the exchange rate has not increased my sales overseas. That is because the oil prices have made the shipping companies increase their shipping rates (especially for international shipments) and it is a big factor for the overall cost of an order. For example, I sell a 1-foot Cat 5e Ethernet Patch cable for $1.28. The USPS would charge me at least $5.00 (and probably closer to $8) to ship it to the UK. I do get orders from Europe, but they tend to be large enough so that shipping is a small percentage of the order, unlike a single cable order.

    Anyway, not all electronics products are benefiting from the change in exchange rates.
  8. JBMAC

    JBMAC Topic Starter

    US/UK hardware shipping

    Interesting detail from NetCablesPlus. I didn't realise costs were so high
    for shipping small items like that..!
    Thanks for the contribution.
  9. NetCablesPlus

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    And the couriers, are even worse for international shipments, by the way. The USPS is the bargain, by far, for small overseas shipments. UPS, DHL, Fedex, etc., have gone up to the point of ridiculousness.
  10. JBMAC

    JBMAC Topic Starter

    Yes, I know what you mean - I often mail packets (under 2kilos) using Royal Mail to Australasia
    and that's abt £17 (approx 34 us $) but if it's a fraction over, it has to go by FEDEX or similar,
    costing about double.
  11. woody1191

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    You know what would be best.

    Buy your own Plane or Transport Company, Very Easy to do that :rolleyes: ;)
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