Improving TELEGRAM

By Sebastian42
Aug 22, 2016
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  1. Telegram is a useful chat program with some irritants that I have been unable to EFFECTIVELY draw to the attention of the designers. I have tried to contact them by Chat, email, Webform and Twitter - all have drawn NO response. It is subject to very frequent updates, so the developers must be deeply involved with it, yet they remain incommunicado. So in desperation, I now attempt to use this forum-method of making suggestions to them. 1. Can they do something about the emoticons-on-offer constantly obscuring the text-entry bar - perhaps by moving its tool to the left where the camera icon is, which does not cause nearly as much irritation. 2. Make returning to the current point in the chat more user-friendly. 3. Implement the kind of 'multiple instance' feature that Skype offers where one can have as many chat windows open as there are currently active chat partners.

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