[Inactive] Removed backdoor.tidserv!inf, lost wireless connection

By skittle1120
Aug 5, 2010
  1. My cousins computer is giving me fits. I was able to remove backdoor.tidserv!inf, Norton is no longer finding any problems, malwarebytes isn't finding anything.

    When I tell the wireless card to use a specific IP address, I can ping other computers on the network, but they aren't showing up in the workgroup window. If the computer is allowed to acquire its own IP address, it gets hung up acquiring an ip.

    I DO NOT have access to the router they are connecting to the internet with, it belongs to their landlord. They are allowed to use the internet, but I cannot get to the router.

    My laptop connects to this network and can access the internet with no problem, but the desktop quit connecting after virus removal.

    If I forgot anything that might be helpful, just ask, I'll get the info.
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