Inconsistent frame rate in games on brand new gaming PC

Ok first of all, I am new here and am not sure if this is the correct section to make this post, so forgive me if i'm wrong :)

I recently bought a new pc with the intention of running games at decent graphics settings. These are the specs (ignoring the irrelevant parts like disk trays ext...):

AMD Phenom x6 1055T 6x2800 Mhz processor
ASUS M4N68T-M LE Motherboard
4gb of DDR3 RAM
1.5tb Samsung hard drive
AMD Radeon HD6870 1gb graphics card

Ever since buying it i've noticed that the frame rate it's capable of producing 75fps on most of my games (locked due to vsync at 75hz on my monitor) at 1280x720 resolution and with high settings. However when things start to pick up the frame rate often drops quite considerably. Normally I would put this down to the settings being to high, but after about 5 or 10 minutes the frame rate will normally return to 75 frames. A good example of this would be in League of Legends, where I have 75fps for the most part, but will often drop to around 25. Even in World of Warcraft in a 40vs40 battleground, the frame rate will return with seemingly no change in what's going on around me, almost as if it's taking ages to prep itself for it. These problems also occur on lower graphics settings (even on lowest in world of warcraft) so I doubt it's me overloading the settings. I turn off all the background programs that i'm aware of and have even resorted to using the overclocking software provided with my motherboard on my CPU, but nothing seems to work. I also did a windows performance scan and discovered that all the categories gave a score of above 7, except my hard drive which got a 5.9, could this be an issue?

So far my attempts to fix this via searching forums have resulted in people saying "you shouldn't be experiencing these problems" but I am, and would appreciate any help on this issue :)


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Hope ya got the latest video card drivers n windows updates. Really do you even notice the fps drop or are you staring the fps numbers? Also you can go into your power management and adjust your settings so your cpu is running above the normal 5% on idle.